Frequently asked questions

I can't create an account

 Please try another browser or try at another time if the connection does not work.

 You can also book your ticket without creating an account.

My online payment failed.

There may be many reasons, please try the following procedures:

- If you used a public WiFi network (in your hotel or campsite for example), try doing it again using your mobile data.

- Renew your payment attempt (other customers in your case have sometimes managed to complete payment).

We can, if you agree, contact our online public payment module (Payfip) linked to the online payment to investigate. If this is the case, please communicate, using the form (page « Useful links » / « contact us »), the name of your bank and the type of  card used, specifying if you have strong authentication.

 NB: If online payment is definitely not possible, you can buy your ticket on the shuttle on the day (in cash or by credit card), without booking, but only if there are still seats available. As mentioned on our booking site, you may not have the guarantee of a seat.

If you nevertheless choose this alternative, we recommend you try the last shuttle in the morning which is generally the least in demand. Booking closes at 6 pm (for bookings for the next day). You can consult the number of seats available on the booking site up until the morning of your departure.

Following online payment failure and after having tried to book once again, the site says that the names of the passengers are already registered.

Your basket may not have emptied following the online payment failure (the slot therefore remains booked with the associated names).

 In this case, book again after at least 15 minutes.

 Empty the basket if the initial order appears and order again. If the problem continues, please create an account (if you have not already done so) or a new account with a different email address.

I have not received email confirmation of my order even though my payment has been accepted.

Please check your mailbox and our "spam and undesirable mail" box. You can then request that your order confirmation be sent to you via the online form (https://navette.parcduverdon.fr/contactez-nous) giving your name and email address.

Can I modify, postpone or request refund of a ticket ?

As mentioned in our General Sales Conditions (https://navette.parcduverdon.fr/conditions-generales-vente), these options are possible if the request is made at least 8 working days before the date of the already booked trip, via the online form (https://navette.parcduverdon.fr/contactez-nous), giving your name and email address.

If you choose to postpone, just let us know via the aforementioned form. Your ticket will then be cancelled by us and a credit voucher created. You will be informed by email and you can use it for your new order. You must create an account to be able to use this voucher.    

 I can't travel on the day of the trip I booked, can I transfer it to another person?


As stipulated in our general sales conditions (https://navette.parcduverdon.fr/conditions-generales-vente), tickets cannot be transferred.

In accordance with said conditions, you can request the cancellation or modification of your ticket on condition you make the request at least 8 working days before the date of your trip.

My request for cancellation meets the general terms of sale, when will I be refunded ?

In order for us to be able to investigate your dossier, you must complete the online form beforehand (https://navette.parcduverdon.fr/contactez-nous) giving your name, email address and reason for your request, and attaching your bank details. If your case meets the conditions required to benefit from a refund, this will be carried out at the end of the shuttle's service period (December of the same year at the latest).

The weather forecast is announcing unfavourable weather conditions for the day of my trip, can I cancel, postpone or get a refund ?

Only the red or orange alert levels reported by Météo France will trigger a cancellation of the service and a retrospective refund of the tickets. We invite customers to consult the Météo France website before their hike: https://vigilance.meteofrance.fr/fr/alpes-de-haute-provence

Does the length of time between my round-trip time allow me to do the trail normally ? (lunch break…).

The time between the shuttle departures (out and back), i. e. 7 hours, allows you, shuttle trips included, to do this hike, announced in most topoguides as a maximum of 6½ hours.

 N. B: the trail end is at the Point Sublime, where the shuttle stops (along the RD952).


If I don't manage to catch the return shuttle, can I take the following one ?

Your round trip ticket has an outward bound timetable which is associated with a return timetable. You therefore have priority in our return shuttle. If you wish to take the following one (impossible for the last shuttle), you can access it with your round trip ticket, subject to available seats. This means you will not have priority. You can also take the regular coach line BV1 (Castellane -Riez), see next question.

If I miss the last shuttle, are there any other solutions ?

You can take the regular coach line BV1 between Castellane and Riez (see "access" page) or use the local taxi service https://navette.parcduverdon.fr/liens-utiles/hey-taxi  ).

What is the distance between the village of La Palud-sur-Verdon and Chalet de la Maline? And between Point sublime and the village of La Palud-sur-Verdon ?

 There are 8 km between the village of La Palud-sur-Verdon and Chalet de la Maline.

 There are also 8 km between the Point sublime and the village of La Palud-sur-Verdon.

 Is the Health Pass required on board ?

For the time being the sanitary pass is not required in public transport. The shuttle is therefore not concerned.

Are dogs allowed on the shuttle bus and on the trail ?

Dogs are not allowed onboard the shuttle, and, as indicated on our website (https://navette.parcduverdon.fr/infos-rando/le-sentier-blanc-martel), they are prohibited on the trail.

I forgot something in the bus, how can I retrieve it ?

You can inform us using the contact form (https://navette.parcduverdon.fr/contactez-nous ) describing accurately the object, the day and time of the shuttle (morning or afternoon) and giving a phone number. We will contact the carrier and then contact you to tell you, if possible, how to retrieve the object.

When does the shuttle run to ?

The shuttle will run until November 6th, on a daily basis from July to mid-September and less regularly in the spring and autumn.

If you do not see your answer in this list, please make your request in the contact form: https://navette.parcduverdon.fr/contactez-nous